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New project will be installed in Serbia in August 2014.

Nec S.r.l., a leading Engineering Company, located in Livorno, Italy, founded in 1997, considered one of the most important Company in the World for the realization of “Turn-Key” plants, has won an important tender in Serbia for the realization of a Compressing Unit for  a total value of around 6 Million of Euro.

 Thanks to his experience in projecting plants in Oil & Gas Refinery, NEC, caught the opportunity to win the tender launched by Gazprom Neft’s subsidiary NIS (Naftna Industrija Srbije) for the  modernisation project related to its refining capacity in Serbia: a new light hydro-cracking and motor fuel hydro-treatment facility.

 In this scenario, NEC has the opportunity to follow NIS in the project, supplying the COMPRESSION PLANT with the partnership of the Italian Leading Company in Compression System, TM.C. S.p.A. Termomeccanica Compressori, located in La Spezia, that supports NEC, according to its design and its experience in complete Compression Field, for the realization of the entire system.

 Two leading Companies, from the technological point of view, that allows the Italian Country to be successful in the Balcan Reagion: thanks to the experience in Engineering of NEC and to the great knowledge of TM.C. in designing and manufacturing compression and pumping machines in Refinery plant, there could be the opportunity to be successful in Nis Requirements for the compression project. Whereas, since its beginning, NEC and TM.C focused their attention on customized products  designed  for NIS specifications.

NEC can proudly says today to be one of the most specialized Company in the realization of “Turn-Key” plants, handling different projects from the design phase till the plant’s erection, pre-commissioning, commissioning, personnel training and start-up and TM.C., on the same level, to be one of the most admired OEM producer for compressors, supplying complete Compression packaged solution. NEC is the result of its founders and staff esperience grown in Zama Srl and a 100 years old company, playing a primary role all over the world, passing to reciprocating technology, though centrifugal up to the last innovative screw solution into O&G market, mainly for flare gas, off gas and wellhead gas, biogas and other fluid with high complexity to treat or to be compressed.

The compression system in NIS Refinery is one successful example of these two Companies, that have mixed their efforts and experiences, supplying a completely assembled modular unit designed for compressing CO2: the system is provided with instrumentations, valves and pressure safety valves for safe and proper operations; the heart of the unit is represented by an efficient, innovative reciprocating compressor connected with a gas motor, that reach a power range of 1600 kW. It is important to focus the attention it is according the API 618 standards, and thanks to its conservative rotational speed it is able to ensure safer, smoother and more reliable operation.

This Compression Plant, that will be installed in Serbia in August 2014, represents a Mix of perfect technology of two Italian Companies, that from the Engineering and mechanical side have mixed their experiences, reaching a good successful goal in the Balkan Area….

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